Ady Endre

Ady Endre Memorial Museum

The museum
sample imageIn the settlement named Ady Endre (former Érmindszent) two buildings function as memorial museum. In the past both buildings were in the possession of the Ady family. Ady's birthplace was the smaller cottage covered with reed which is divided into three halls. The frontage looking onto the street is decorated with the poet's relief (anaglyphic work), while near the entrance a memorial tablet announces the specialty of the place. The exact date of the construction couldn't be determined up to now. The house probably was built in the second half of the 19th century, in spite of the uncertainties concerning this date it is an indisputable fact that the house was inherited by Ady's mother, Mária Pásztor, thus fell into the possession of the Ady family. Endre Ady's father, Lőrinc Ady enlarged the building thus the building gained its present form. In the interior of the house objects are exhibited which were in the possession of the family and are valuable from ethnographical respect to. Besides these objects can be seen contemporary documents and photos related to Ady's personal life. sample imageThe second building was built later, in 1907. It has four galleries which contain numerous objects belonging to the family, preserved in their original state. On the courtyard between the two buildings the visitors can take a view on the family's sweep-polewell and the bronze bust of Endre Ady. In 1953 the birth-house burnt down, but was restored, however still wasn't transformed into museum. The memorial museum was opened only in 1957 due to Aurél Pop's contribution. Nowadays the "Ady Endre Memorial Museum" falls under the control of the Museum of Satu-Mare County.

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Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 16:00 or on basis of agreement.

Tickets: Children 2 lei, adults 3 lei.

Other fees: photographs: 10 lei, videos: 20 lei.