The Village Museum Curtuişeni

The museum

sample imageAt the present the building which gives place to the museum belongs to the local authority of Érkörtvélyes. The name of the first possessor is unknown, but it is sure that the house was built by a wealthy farmer family in 1865. The building's architecture harmonizes with the folk style of the region. The plant ornamentation of the veranda is extremely beautiful. Until 2006 the building had been used by public offices (post office, police, library etc.), then the local authority put it at the Tóth family's disposal. The family placed here their ethnographical collection. The core of the ethnographical exhibition is constituted by the inheritance of Gyula Kovács, native of this village. The exhibition is made up of an ethnographical material from the late 19th and the early 20th century, respectively is continuously enlarged with the materials of current collections.

sample imageThe Tóth family originally organized the exhibition in 2005 in their own house, but it seemed to be too small for the growing material, therefore in 2006 - with the contribution of the local authority - the exhibition was moved to its current place. The rarity of the museum consists in the fact that it exhibits objects gathered exclusively from Érkörtvélyes, thus the exhibition has a special regional character.

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Opening hours: The exhibition can be visited exclusively on the basis of an agreement with the staff.

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