Valea lui Mihai

Dr. Andrássy Ernő Museum of Valea lui Mihai

The museum

sample image The origins of the museum go as far back as 1952, when Dr. Ernő Andrássy, local physician, in his own residence opened exhibitions - still mainly with archeological and lesser ethnographic character. These exhibitions were suspended in 1957 because of political reasons. In 2007 appeared a new opportunity for opening. Then - with the support of the county government - the local authority succeeded to purchase an old cottage, which served as a stable place for exhibitions. The heritage of Andrássy has been enlarged with an archeological material from the prehistoric age. The treasury of the museum has been enriched with an ethnographic material too.

sample imageThe building of the museum is a country house, built in the second half of the 19th century. It has five galleries, has got an external earthenware oven and a veranda. The veranda had a traditional style, typical to this region, but unfortunately during the restoration these characteristic architectural elements disappeared.

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Opening hours: monday-friday: 10-16 hours, saturday-sunday: on the basis of an agreement with the staff.

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