Hungarian Village Museum of the Ier Valley


Contact person: Móricz Ilona (Galoşpetreu) and dr. Kéri Gáspár (Săcueni)

Address of correspondence:

  • dr. Kéri Gáspár, Săcueni, str. Tudor Nicolae, nr. 5, 417435, jud. Bihor.
  • Móricz Ilona, Galoşpetreu, nr. 146, 417572, jud. Bihor.
  • Telephone:

  • mobil: Dr. Kéri Gáspár (004) 0745-451-989 (Săcueni)
  • mobil: Móricz Ilona (004) 0740-138-936 (Galoşpetreu)
  • E-mail:


    Opening hours: The exhibitions can be visited exclusively on the basis of an agreement with the staff.

    Tickets: 3 lei

    Other fees: -

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