Hungarian Village Museum of the Ier Valley

The museum

sample imageThe museum - situated in the centre of Galoşpetreu - was opened in 2002. The founder and maintainer is Dr. Gáspár Kéri, native of this place. When he founded the museum, he received scientific assistance from the ethnographical department of the "Babeş-Bolyai University", and got financial support from the regional council of Bihor county. The museum astonishes the visitors with the authentic reconstruction of a country house built in 1870, but some interesting outbuildings (stable, pigsty, cart-shed, etc.) from the same age can be seen too. In these outbuildings the visitors can familiarize themselves with the most important instruments of the farmers from the age. For instance we can take a view on the tools used for marsh fishing, which today are considered to be rarities. The shed for grape storage and the wine-cellar present to us the typical tools used in wine-growing, which was a very important and famous line of trade in olden times in the Valley of Ier. The house itself is a traditional peasant house with thatched roof and carved veranda.

sample imageIn 2010 the management of the institution organized an exhibition in honor of Kálmán Sass, martyr of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The memorial chamber shortly presents some other members of the revolutionary group known as "Company of Valea lui Mihai".

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Opening hours: The exhibitions can be visited exclusively on the basis of an agreement with the staff.

Tickets: 3 lei

Other fees: -