Arany János Memorial Museum

The museum
sample imageUnfortunately nor János Arany's house of birth, neither the building constructed on its place did not survive, but the local authority have constructed a new house with an ethnographic character. The well on the courtyard had been existed in the poet's time, before the collapse of the house, obviously the forked upright post and the sweep were replaced several times. On the facade of the house covered with reed a memorial plaque announces that on this place stood Arany's native house. The building and the ethnographical exhibition set up in it were inaugurated in 2010. The idea of construction and the setting up of the exposition originates from the local authority of Salonta city, which not merely launched the institution, but also supports its functioning. The exhibitions introduce us into the life of townsmen who lived in Salonta in the turn of the 19-20th centuries. The "Arany János Memorial Museum" is sponsored by the local authority of Salonta city and can be found in the building called "Csonkatorony" (Broken Tower). The tower had a defensive role and was constructed in 1636 by a group of people called "hajdús" - a Hungarian population colonized in this region by after the Ottoman invasion, to protect the city and its environs against the Turkish attacks. sample imageA few years after the death of János Arany his son, László, donated to the city a significant part of his father's personal objects. From the material of this collection was set up an exhibition. Later the Arany János Cultural Society purchased the Csonkatorony and with support of László Arany renovated it (the front door decorated with the poet's statue was built only later, in 1907). The "Arany János Memorial Museum" moved from its temporary building to the renovated tower in 1899. From this time on the museum can be visited in this building.

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Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10-16.

Tickets: adults 5 lei, children 3 lei.

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