Szent László Museum of Ecclesiastical Art

The museum
sample imageThe "Szent László Museum of Ecclesiatical Art" can be visited in the Assumption Cathedral of Oradea (Roman Catholic cathedral). The building - constructed between the years 1752-1780 - is the largest church in Romania built in Baroque style. The building itself is a precious monument: the frescos and the paintings are very valuable, the monumentality of the church astonishes the visitor. The fresco inside the cupola was painted by the Austrian painter, Johann Schöph. The wall-paintings were made only later by Ferenc Storno. The oil-paintings on the high-altar and side-altars deserve particular attention. sample image The museum was opened to the public in 1992 within the scope of the first Varadinum festivity. The exhibition was established and is supported by the Roman Catholic Episcopacy of Oradea.

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Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 09-15 hours, Sunday and Monday, respectively on any ecclesiastical fest: closed.

Tickets: 3 lei or 200 HUF.

Other fees: -