Satu Mare

Meszlényi Gyula Collection of Ecclesiastical Art

The museum
sample imageThe collection is in the possession of the Roman Catholic Episcopacy of Satu-Mare. The collection got its name after bishop Gyula Meszlényi (1887 - 1905) who founded and left this collection to the succeeding generations. This collection through years was enlarged with numerous pieces coming from donations or different parishes of the diocese. During the communist regime these works of art were hidden in the cathedral's oratory. Because of the adverse circumstances the objects significantly deteriorated. Although Satu-Mare became the seat of the diocese recently, in the collection can be found various articles from different ages. The collection can be visited in the Ascension Cathedral of Satu-Mare. sample imageThe construction of the Baroque-Classicist church was started in 1768, but the building operations were finished in the 1830-es. In the external design the Classicist elements are dominant, while the interior ornaments were made in Baroque style. The collection was set up in the Cathedral's sacristy and was opened to the public in 2008.

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Opening hours: The exhibitions can be visited exclusively on the basis of an agreement with the staff. Contact: telephone: (004) 0261-714-955, mobile (004)-0749-12-15-64.

Tickets: : children:2 lei per capita; adults: 4 lei/200HUF/2 Euro per capita.

Other fees: Photographs: 10 lei, Videos: 20 lei.