Kölcsey Ferenc Memorial Museum

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sample imageFerenc Kölcsey, the author of the Hungarian nation anthem, was born in Sződemeter (today Săuca, Romania, Satu-Mare County). Although the Kölcsey family has never lived in Sződemeter, Ferenc's mother, Ágnes Bölöny stayed in her parents' house, when she gave birth to her son. That is why today the Bölöni-mansion is considered to be Kölcsey's native house. The actual memorial chamber is not identical with the native house mentioned above. The house of birth today functions as the parish of the local Greek Catholic Church, and only a memorial tablet announces that in former times the building belonged to the family of the poet. The text of the memorial tablet is the following: "In this house was born the great patriot and poet in the 8th of August, 1790. To the memory of this and as a sign of piety and gratitude: The Wesselényi Association from Szilágy County." sample imageThe memorial exhibition was set up in a building which is near the reformed church. This house actually is not related nor to the Kölcsey neither to the Bölöni family, even the year of construction is unknown. We would like to draw the attention of the visitors to the brazen statue of Ferenc Kölcsey, which can be found next to the reformed church. Inside the church can be seen the second memorial tablet which was placed originally on the wall of the native house, but later was removed.

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